Be safe

We depend on cards and bikes to courteously co-exist for a safe Climb to Conquer Cancer event. We will have police at select intersections. If you do not see a police presence, please proceed through intersections with caution. We will also have course marshals at other intersections. These volunteers are there to make sure you know the way, not to direct traffic. Please proceed these intersections with caution as well.  These routes have been thoughtfully designed to maximize safety, but we cannot close hundreds of miles of roads for this event.

For the trail options, please note that the Taste of Trails will feature a leader and a sweeper for your safety.  The Trail Challenge includes very technical trails of the James River trail system and is not suitable for anyone other than mountain bikers with advanced skills.  

Be Courteous

Please be courteous to all motorists along the route by riding single file, to the far right of the road when a car is approaching from behind. There will be many cyclists on the roads during Climb to Conquer Cancer, and we appreciate the support of the localities. Any behavior, either on the road or off, negatively affecting the reputation of the ride will NOT be tolerated. Police will ticket you if you are breaking the law by taking up too much of the road.

Be Aware

We recommend using the maps and cue sheets first for route following. There will be wayfinding signs along the routes, but they can blow away, be moved or taken. Don’t miss a turn because a sign is missing! Ultimately, you are responsible for making sure you don’t get lost.

Upcoming Events
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    March 3 @ 11:00 am - 2:00 pm EST
  2. Cancer BEE Gone Garden Party

    April 9 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm EST
  3. Pedal through Petals

    April 29
  4. Climb to Conquer Cancer

    September 22

Amy's Army will be selling these items to raise money for the fight against cancer. Dismiss