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Join us at the infamous Libby Hill as we Climb to Conquer Cancer and relive the excitement we all felt during the UCI World Championships in 2015!  You have the option of either a 22, 40, or 60-mile route through the scenic and flat countryside that surround Richmond.  The real fun occurs upon your return, as you climb up Libby Hill to compete to be King of the Mountain or Queen of the Mountain!

Here are the routes:

61.7 miles  | 43.0 miles | 22.9 miles

NOTE: this year, we are doing a “light” version of Climb.  We will not have rest stops or an after-party.  You will start your ride from the top of Libby Hill and then at the end of the ride, you’ll have your timed climb up Libby Hill. For those who have joined us before, we are eliminating the 3-mile urban route and the first climb.

Pick up your chip between 7:30 and 9:00 at the top of Libby Hill.  This year we are not specifying a time that each wave begins.  Instead, you may begin your ride whenever you would like, but keep in mind that climbs up the hill will be timed only between 10:30 and 1:00.  In case you are not certain, we recommend that those doing the longest distance leave around 8:30 or so, those doing the middle distance leave around 9:30, and those doing the shortest distance can leave later.  If you are a slower rider, start earlier to ensure you finish on time.

Enjoy your ride! Upon your return, if you decide not to climb the hill, carefully dismount out of the way of other riders and walk up the sidewalk to the right of the hill.

Your finish time will be available from the timer after your ride. Awards for King of the Mountain/Queen of the Mountain overall, masters and grandmasters, plus age group awards, will be mailed to you after the race.

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