Fundraising Option

The proceeds from Pedal through Petals fund important research and patient care at VCU Massey Cancer Center, right here in RVA. Want to make even more of a difference in the lives of cancer patients? You have an option of fundraising.

It’s easy! When you register, you’ll be given the option to join “Pledge Reg.” Once there, you will find templates for fundraising emails, thank you letters, and everything else you will need. We do recommend that you add to them exactly why you are fundraising. Is it in honor or memory of someone? Is it because you want to make a difference?

Every little bit counts. You don’t have to haul in a major donor. If you ask 10 friends or family members to donate, and they donate $10 each, that’s $100 toward the cause. Think about friends and family who will want to contribute to the cause—not everyone can do the climb, so let some of them live vicariously through you!

Need help? If you would like help in fundraising, reach out to us.

Need an Incentive? We have set up a number of fundraising incentives for you. Once you reach these levels, reach out so we can reserve your prize in the right size.

Fundraising Incentives

$25 Amy’s Army Jewelry

$50 VIP Upgrade for you or VIP Spectator Ticket for a friend

$100 Polka Dot Cycling Cap

$125 Pedal through Petals t-shirt

$150 C3 Trucker Hat or C3 Pint Glass with Leather Sleeve

$250 Massey Cancer Center Technical Shirt

$300 Massey Cancer Center Glass Water Bottle

$500 Sign about you, your company, or your patient honoree at a Garden spot (note—please let us know no later than April 15 that you wish to claim this prize).

$1000 Behind the Scenes Tour at Massey for you and 3 friends