Each rider will have two opportunities to race the Libby Hill Climb.  The first climb comes early in the ride, and the second climb is your climb to the finish line. Your chip-timed average for the two climbs will be compared to others riding on event day to determine our winners. 

  • Remember this climb during 2015 Worlds?  Here’s a video.
  • Will someone beat previous records?  Here is the Strava Leaderboard for this climb.

Awards will be given to age group winners.  In addition, a Polka Dot Jersey will be awarded to the King of the Mountain and Queen of the Mountain for each of:

  • Masters (ages 40 to 59)
  • Grand Masters (ages 60 and up)
  • Overall

Elites and E-Bike Riders are not eligible for age-group awards, but each of these divisions will compete for their own King of the Mountain and Queen of the Mountain Jerseys.