You are encouraged to pick up your packet on Saturday, April 25th, at Isley Brewing Company, 1715 Summit Avenue in Scott’s Addition.

You may pick up your packet from 2 pm to 4 pm  

Here are the Saturday volunteer shifts: 

Isley Brewing, goody bag stuffing 1-2

Isley Brewing, packet pickup volunteers, 130-430 

Maymont, set up 5 to 7 pm 

Packet Pickup is also available on Sunday at Maymont, starting at 8:00 AM.  

Cyclists should pickup their packets before 8:45, when we will have a safety briefing and National Anthem. 

Runners can pick up their packets until 10:15, when we will have a run safety briefing and National Anthem.

Parking for the event can be found in the Hampton Street lot at Maymont or surrounding streets.  Parking also can be found at the Maymont Nature Center and Children’s Farm. If you park there, do not ride through Maymont, but ride on the streets and enter Maymont from Hampton Street.