Editor’s Note:
This post was originally published by Amy Williams while going through her cancer journey several years ago. This post along with a few others which we will note throughout the series are being shared with Amy’s permission as a reflection of her experience.

After dutiful waiting, I got the good news that the second spot was not cancer, not at all.  “It is a Pamploma,” I thought I heard the radiologist report to me.
“Good news!” I told Steve that night.  “The second spot isn’t cancer, it’s a Pamploma!”
“Pamploma is the place in Spain where you run with the bulls,” he said quizzically.
“Oh, maybe that’s not right.  Well, they said I get to keep the thing inside me that wants to run with the bulls!  Only the cancer is coming out!”
I met with Dr. Bear again the next day, to confirm to him the kind of surgery I am to have to remove my cancer, which he confirmed to me is stage one cancer.  Surgery is scheduled for next Monday, October 17th.
“Can I go back to work the next day?” I asked.
“Absolutely not!  You will be under general anaesthesia and will be loopy and unable to think on Tuesday.  You probably won’t be able to work until tthe following Monday.”
“Oh, wow.  When can I exercise?”
“Are we talking fitness walking or golf?”
“Triathlons!  Or, put differently, swimming, biking and running.  I ran an Ironman in June.”
“Oh, I see.  Well,  I think it will be 3-4 weeks before you can return to those activities.  We will have to see.”
“Okay.  When does radiation therapy start?”
“Well, this depends on……”
“Doctor!” I cried, “I want to put all my treatments into my day planner for months going out.  I really need to plan!”
“Yes, I can tell you do,” he replied.  But no information was forthcoming.
I am told that I will learn to be patient, to take one day at a time.  hmmm  I am trying!