We need volunteers to help with a variety of matters leading up to our events.  The following positions are available for Climb to Conquer Cancer, Pedal through Petals and other events.

Vendor Coordinator

Arrange for the vendors needed for the event, ensure that they are paid, show up and know where to go and what to do when there.  Coordinator creates and updates a spreadsheet of all vendors and contact information and follows up with vendors before event to ensure seamless events.

Volunteer Recruiter

The volunteer recruiter uses his or her social network, as well as AACW’s list of previous volunteers, to recruit volunteers for AACW’s special events, Pedal through Petals and Climb to Conquer Cancer, as well as year-round volunteers.  For the events, the volunteer recruiter monitors volunteer sign ups and recruits for positions that are not filled easily.

Pick up Committee Chair

The pick-up committee chair is responsible for overseeing the pickup committee’s work, including:

  • Making sure all donors/sponsors have a committee member assigned to them
  • If phone numbers, emails or snail mail is missing, hunting down the information
  • If a committee member has a problem, helping him or her solve the problem.
  • Coordinating making sure the items get from the committee member to the warehouse

Pick up Committee

This committee’s job spans about two weeks a week or so before our major events, Pedal through Petals and Climb to Conquer Cancer.  During the two week span, volunteers:

    • Receive a spreadsheet of donors who have agreed to donate items.
    • Review the spreadsheet and agree to take on donors.
    • Contact sponsors who agreed to donate in-kind items to the event to arrange pick-up of the items.
    • Also offering to pick up “goody bag” inserts.


  • When picking up items, thank sponsors and provide marketing materials about the event.

Flyer Distribution Committee

This committee works together to ensure that event flyers are distributed to appropriate venues throughout RVA prior to events.

To volunteer, please contact us.