Comfort Care Chair

The comfort care chair is in charge of Amy’s Army of Cancer Warriors’ efforts to provide comfort to cancer patients, including by way of providing “chemo comfort bags.”  The chair’s duties include:

  • Liaising with volunteer coordinators at Massey Cancer Center and elsewhere to determine what kinds of items bring comfort to cancer patients
  • Working with the marketing director to develop marketing that will lead to donations of items for care packages, as well as money to purchase items.
  • Developing a calendar to collect items for chemo comfort bags and to distribute them to cancer patients
  • Working with volunteers to create comfort care bags from items donated
  • Considering whether AACW branded items should be obtained and distributed
  • Coordinating the pickup of the care items from donors
  • Obtaining information from donors to thank them for their participation
  • Coordinating distribution of the care items to cancer patients
  • Documenting the comfort care function through periodic reports and photographs.

Comfort Care Volunteers.

Comfort care volunteers assist the comfort care chair in collecting, bagging and/or distributing comfort care items.

Assistant to Life in Fitness—LIFT Chair

Help the chair of LIFT organize events for cancer survivors.  You may be asked to pick up snacks for events, rent space for events or other handle matters, at the request of the chair.

To volunteer, please contact us.