Pedal through Petals owes its success, in large measure, to our ride leaders.  Many of our riders are novices, unfamiliar with cycling on city streets, while others are quite experienced.  Please find out the comfort level of your riders and at the first stop determine whether they wish to stick to you like glue or strike out on their own.  It is up to them.  If someone is particularly slow, but needs leadership, feel free to speak to another ride leader at the next stop and reassign the rider.  It’s ok, but please communicate to the riders so they don’t feel “dropped.”  Practice safe riding yourself, following all traffic rules, and teaching the group how to call out when they see oncoming traffic, obstacles in the road, etc.

Everyone will cover the same basic route and the same garden stops, but half the groups will go clockwise and the other half counter-clockwise, or routes Pink (clockwise) and Green (counterclockwise). There will be Pink and Green signs leading the way.  However, to make sure our ride leaders know the route, we will be holding several pre-rides of the route.  We would like each of our ride leaders to join at least one of our pre-rides.  Afterwards, we’ll gather for fellowship and a beer!  Here are the pre-rides scheduled so far.

Each ride leader will receive morning coffee, a Massey t-shirt to wear on the ride, lunch and two beers or wine (or non-alcoholic beverages) after the ride on May 7th.  You need to be present on Sunday, May 7th at 9:00 AM for a ride leader briefing.

Please register as a ride leader.